Live Training - Advanced

3 Day Course - Cerificiation in DienChan'pro + Chan'Beaute'pro

| Pre-requisite: Module I + Chan'beaute |



Now that we are mastering the projection of Dien Chan's maps of reflection (yin/yang body and internal orders) we are studying the map of fixed points. Each bqc·point has special effects and indications. It is extremely important to know how to use your detector to stimulate them, as it was intended from the creator of this method. This only comes with time and repeated practice on different faces. 

We will learn about why certain bqc·points are put together in a specific order for optimal therapeutic treatment and effect. 

At the end of this module, you will be able to confidently read the map, be able to break down a formula of bqc·points and find them on any face. 

Our intention is to deliver the original method Prof. BQC created for the benefit of self care and professional treatments for common conditions. 

We also continue our study about how to use the concepts of yin and yang according to the general condition of the patient and thus be able to adapt our protocols and customize them.



This module of Chan'beauté will allow us to deepen the knowledge acquired during ChanBeauté'reflex. We begin to investigate the map of fixed points invented by Prof. BQC, and learn about why certain bqc·points are put together in a specific order for optimal therapeutic treatment.

The precise stimulation with the multireflex detector on each point is paramount. Knowing how to locate bqc·points on the map and ‘work’ them properly underlines the professionalism of the practitioner.

We will continue our discovery with the principles of yin and yang, especially when we notice imbalances with our clients description of their symptoms or look. For example, a red face that experiences cold sensations. We will first look to address this clients general state at the beginning of our treatment.  This is how we get the best results, because it improves the general microcirculation of the body and enhances the penetration index of products thereafter.

Moreover, the correct use of the instruments reinforces the active principles of the applied creams; which can allow us to use less, but of superior quality.

We will also implement complete protocols including anticellulite and detox ritual.