Facial Reflexology Dien Chan. Module I + Chan'beaute: Oct 10 -12 (Calgary)

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Instructor: Erica Layton, International School of Multireflexology Dien Chan

Location: The Esthetic Institute (North) - Calgary, AB

Date:  October 10, 11, 12

Time:  9am - 5:30pm

Cost: $695 + GST

Certification:  DienChan'reflex, Chan'beaute



Dien Chan Multireflexology Canada

3-Day Course: DienChan'reflex, Chan'beaute
Dien Chan - Facial Reflexology is a unique certified program developed in Europe and is now available to estheticians, skincare and holistic health therapists. Based upon a 25-year study by Vietnamese acupuncturist Professor Chau, facial reflexology provides students a blend of beauty and therapeutic techniques. The foundations of this practice are based upon a defined map of reflexes and zones located on the face.  Multireflexology is an integrated system of acupuncture, TCM, acupressure and reflexology.  The course instruction includes the discovery and clearing of reflex and energy blockages, facial lymphatic massage, stimulation techniques with multireflex tools and building beauty protocols for clients (wrinkle reduction, scar treatment, skin toning, sun spots, cellulite, etc).  This program is a perfect holistic compliment for estheticians and health professionals to add to their existing training and services.  Students completing the 3-day course wil receive certification in DienChan'reflex (Module I) + Chan'beaute from the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (EiMDC)


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Erica Layton is a certified EiMDC instructor and therapist from Calgary, AB.  She has been teaching the multireflexology program since 2016 and is North America's only trained instructor.  Erica brings a diverse experience to the Dien Chan program, she is a foot reflexology instructor and therapist, certified nutrionist, reiki master and personal trainer.  As a passionate and knowlegable instructor, Erica provides students with the foundations of Dien Chan and intergrates effective strategies to implement the method with clients and succed with Multireflexology in their business.

Erica created and operates The Reflexology Experience Clinic and Training Centre based in Calgary, AB.

Contact Erica with any questions you might have - erica@reflexexp.com





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