Live Training - Introductory

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3-Day Course: Module One: DienChan'reflex, Chan'beaute
| No-prerequsite |
Our attendees include: massage therapists, estheticians, reflexologists, nurses, acupuncturists, personal interest students

Module One cerified course combines therapeutic solutions, natural aesthetics and well-being through step by step protocols and detecting styles.

In order to become a successful practitioner of Chan'beauté, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of Dien Chan. We learn to use facial diagnostics in a practical way, giving meaning to the reasons ‘imperfections’ show up on our face. This technique of natural aesthetics and therapeutic well-being is second to none when  the origin of the imperfection is discovered and ultimately rebalanced. Investigating the expressions on our face can lead us to a greater understanding to solve many common issues.

The protocols studied are dissected during the 3 days training in order to best  comprehend their origins and effectively adapt them to every client.  By personalizing your care, you can achieve better results along with increased client loyalty.

To do this, we are analyzing the first essential diagrams and the different techniques for using multireflex tools. The solution to common beauty issues come easily when you allow yourself to understand that performing Dien Chan alongside Chan'beauté is the real answer to real results.

Course Syllabus: Download this document