Reflexology Courses

The Reflexology Experience provides training and certification courses in foot reflexology, facial reflexology and reiki. Our courses can start your career in this growing field or as a method to better treat yourself and your family.  All of our courses are taught by certified instructors.

RAC (Reflexology Association of Canada) - Foot Reflexology

We are certified by RAC to instruct the RCRT foot reflexology program in Canada.  You can pre-register here on our site.  When you submit your request we will contact you for with the required forms to complete your registration. All payment is handled by the Reflexology Association of Canada for more information, visit


EiMDC (International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan) - Facial Reflexology

Certified by the EiMDC, our Dien Chan courses will give you the foundations to begin working with facial reflexology as a health professional, esthetician or for self-treatment.. For more information of EiMDC and facial reflexology, visit 


REIKI - Level I & II 

More information coming soon.


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