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Black Tourmaline Oil

Black Tourmaline Oil


Transmutation of negative energy
Protection against negative energies of all kind. It also is very grounding so that people are
centered and more easily projected. Has many metaphysical purposes. Encourages positive
attitudes and happiness regardless of the circumstance that the person is experiencing, ie:
centered, grounded and protected from what is going on in the world around them. That you are
not living your life by what is going on outside of self. Encourages positive attitude at all times.
Black Tourmaline aids to strengthen the immune system. The immune system is low when the
body is bombarded with negative interference. The body is weakened by stress and Black
Tourmaline transmutes the negative energies to release the stress. Releases stresses that have
built up over the last weeks and months so that stress will not cause that fatigue.
Advantageous to use during the day and advantageous to have in a diffuser, or a couple of drops in
a bedroom because it cleanses the etheric bodies while the physical body is sleeping.
A few drops of the oil on a tissue or cotton in your pillowcase this is the recommendation for this
oil because it clears the room of negativities and as it does so, protects from any further
involvement in coming. And it leaves the space clear him so they cannot absorb any negative
energies into the sleeping area, very protective. It actually transmutes the negative energies into
positive energies while a person is sleeping. Your body needs to be protected while sleeping, very
strong in the cleansing of the area while the body sleeps and the soul is traveling. Allows for a
deeper sleep, the physical body will feel deeply refreshed upon awakening.

“ I do hereby affirm that I AM using the sacred oil of Black tourmaline, to
consciously align my path with powerful protection, transmutation of negativity
into positive everywhere for my well-being. And i ask for guidance in this from
the Holy Trinity, the Elohim, the Ascended Masters and the Elemental Kingdom.