Travel For Her (Christmas Box 2018)

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It can be hard to travel and keep your health on track! From sleep, digestive issues to coughs and colds, traveling can take its toll. Not with this Pack! Loaded with the essential oils you need to combat immune suppressing bugs that attack both the head and gut.

Apply Onguard to your wrists and inhale while on the plane to protect you from pathogens floating around, use peppermint to alleviate any head pressure issues by applying a small drop and rubbing it on your temples. Take a drop of oregano oil to protect and rebalance the gut to regulate disturbances with elimination. Lavender when applied to the temple, wrists and bottom of feet before bed help to calm the nerves and uncertainties of sleeping in new places. 

In this kit for HER, we've included activated charcoal facial wash, revive shower steamers, an all natural soap carrier and plush socks to make any place feel like home. Of course we want any woman to feel wonderful with a bite of immune boosting Onguard chocolate!